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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a prepaid phone card and how does it work?
Prepaid phone cards is a service provided by various telecom companies that sell their service in advanced. When you buy a prepaid phone card from our Calling Cards Store, you are paying for long distance connection time in advance. When you make calls using the phone card, the card's value is deducted based on connection fee, duration of connection, surcharges and any maintenance charges associated with the phone card.

What's the difference between prepaid phone cards, phone cards, prepaid calling cards, calling cards, long distance phone cards?
They refer to the same thing; prepaid long distance service from telecom companies that produces these cards. You pay for your long distance service in advanced. You do not have to pay for any monthly fees, sign up fees or need to sign a contract. This kind of long distance service is getting more and more popular because the rates are decreasing faster in this area than in a post long distance service.

How do you deliver the phone cards that you sell?
We deliver all our products online. Meaning that you will not get the physical phone cards in your mail. All you need to use a phone card is a TOLL FREE Access Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the card. We deliver all these  information INSTANTLY from us via email.

What are your operating hours? Can I buy phone cards in the middle of the night?
We are selling our phone cards 24/7/365 days. YES! you may buy phone cards from us in the middle of the night from the comfort of your home. No more driving down to a convenience store or gas station that sells phone cards.

How do I use a phone card?
To place calls, you must use a touch tone telephone or any Payphone. First, dial the toll free access number provided. Then, wait for the message asking you to input your pin number. You will then hear another message stating the value that remains on that specific pin. Next, dial the destination telephone number. A final recorded message will state how many connect minutes are available to that phone number/calling destination.

Do the rates on your cards change, depending upon the time of day?
No. All of the calling cards/phone cards we sell have the same rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are there any other charges made against my credit card when I buy a phone card?
Absolutely Not

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